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The Results

Amazon PPC Case Study
Fishing Brand

Project Overview

A fishing gear brand collaborated with E-Commerce Villa, a leading Amazon advertising agency, to enhance their sales and visibility on the Amazon USA marketplace. The brand offers a variety of products, including fishing reels, fish finders, fishing rods, and other fishing accessories. Their products are designed to aid fishermen in locating and catching more fish and have earned a reputation for being high-quality, durable, and dependable.

Through their partnership with E-Commerce Villa, the brand aimed to expand their reach and increase their revenue by leveraging their expertise in Amazon advertising. Their objective was not only to improve their sales on Amazon but also to establish themselves as a leader in the fishing gear industry.

The Highlights

Initial Sales, ROAS, Spend and ACOS

Upon taking on the project, we found that the brand was facing several challenges with their Amazon advertising campaigns. Firstly, their ACOS was high (40.38%), which meant that they were spending a significant amount on advertising compared to the sales generated. 

Additionally, their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was low, indicating that they were not generating enough revenue from their advertising campaigns. 

Furthermore, their monthly sponsored sales were quite low, indicating that their existing campaigns were not driving sufficient traffic to their products.

Results After 5 Months of Optimization

Amazon PPC Case Study After Sales

E-Commerce Villa worked with the brand to optimize their Amazon advertising campaigns, resulting in impressive outcomes within just five months:

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased by 270%, from an average of 2.48 in July to an average of 9.18 after E-Commerce Villa’s intervention.
  • Advertising costs were significantly reduced from 40.38% to 10.9%, providing significant cost savings for the brand.
  • Sponsored Sales for the brand rose from $21,766 to $119,209 per month, illustrating the efficacy of E-Commerce Villa’s advertising tactics.
  • Click through rate increased by 27.9%, demonstrating that the targeted campaigns were engaging the right audience and generating interest in the brand’s products.

Executing the Startegy

The Challenge

High Advertising Cost of Sales:

  • Competitive market: The brand faced significant competition in their market, making it challenging to maintain a low ACOS.

  • Inefficient bidding strategy: Inefficient bidding strategies were leading to high ACOS, resulting in a lower ROI for the brand’s advertising spend.

  • Poor targeting options: The brand’s targeting options were limited, making it challenging to reach the most relevant audiences and reduce ACOS.

Low Sales:

  • Poor visibility: The brand was struggling to achieve sufficient visibility for their products, leading to low sales.
  • Ineffective product targeting: Ineffective product targeting made it difficult to promote complementary or related products to potential customers.

The Solution

The Solution for the Challenges

Controlled the High ACOS

  • Refining targeting options: We refined targeting options to better reach the most relevant audiences, which helped to reduce ACOS.

  • Adjusting bids: We optimized bidding strategies to better control advertising costs and achieve a lower ACOS.

  • Campaign optimization: We continuously monitored and optimized campaigns to maximize performance and reduce ACOS.

Improved the Sales

  • Improved product ranking: We conducted extensive keyword research and optimized product listings to improve the brand’s ranking on the most relevant keywords. This strategy helped to increase the visibility of the brand’s products, attract more potential customers, and ultimately increase sales.
  • Improved targeting: We refined targeting strategies to better reach potential customers, increasing the brand’s visibility on Amazon.

  • Product targeting: We used product targeting to promote complementary or related products to customers, which helped to increase sales.

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