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Advance Ranking Techniques on Amazon for 2023 | Influencer Marketing | Amazon Live | Amazon Ads

We Touched on the following parts

–Vincenzo Toscano Story

–What does Ecomcy do

–Ranking on Amazon in 2023 via PPC

–Why Branding has become more critical in 2023

–Power of Influencer Marketing

–How to find YouTube influencers Manually

–Software for Influencers

–Cost of using Influencers

–Amazon Live 

–PPC Strategy During Liquidation

–When to stop investing in a Product

Amazon Sourcing | No Alibaba❌ | Find Local Chinese Suppliers

In this Podcast, we touched on the Following Points!

— How to Revive Dead Amazon Listings?

–How to Find Cheaper and more Reliable Suppliers than Alibaba?

–What should be the minimum ROI of the product?

–How to differentiate your product from competitors? 

–What is the Future of Amazon Sellers?

–How to Rank on Amazon in 2023?

–Using Tiktok for launching products on Amazon

$28 Million Amazon Revenue Generated in 2022 after $3.3 Million Ad spend

A High-level Discussion Between Ali (EcommerceVilla) and Afrasiab Khan(Extreme Branding) About Amazon PPC.

Topics Discussed:

1) How is it like to launch in competitive niches on Amazon in 2023?

2) How to rank an old and underperforming Amazon listing?

3) What should be the campaign’s structure for a new amazon product launch?

4) What should be the Targeted Amazon TACOS in the initial Phases of the Product Launch?

5) Whether Adtomic and PPC Entourage are helpful for Amazon PPC Management?

6) What are the common mistakes while Managing Amazon PPC?

How to Drive Cheaper Traffic than Amazon PPC for Competitive Niches on Amazon?

Topic Discussed:

1) Why external traffic is going to be more important than ever before in 2023?

2) How can Apparel Manufacturers increase their Exports?

3) Should the external traffic be landed straight on to amazon product detail page or there should be a bridge page?

4) What is Amazon Attribution Program?

5) Does external traffic affect organic ranking negatively if it is not converting well?

6) What are the Attributes of a good bridge page?

7) Google ads, Pinterest ads, Facebook or Instagram ads, or Snapchat ads, where to start?

8) Which type of ads convert better? Google search ads or other types of ads for Amazon

Generated over $80 Million in Amazon Revenue in 2022 - High-Level Discuss Around Amazon Advertising

Topics discussed in this video are

1)Ugly Coffee Brand story

2)Amazon Business Case Study to take the revenue from $80k/month to $156k /month

3)What is the search term Impression share report?

4)-How to manage PPC for multiple variation listings?

5)What are Advertised Product Reports and Purchased Product Reports (Amazon)?

6)When to move the search term from Auto, Broad, Phrase to Exact campaign?

7)How to manage PPC for accounts with 100 plus SKUs?

8)Comments on AI Tools Adtomic, PPC Entourage, and others?

9)Discussion around the most common Mistakes People make managing their PPC?

10)What is a Gross invalid traffic report?

Best Opportunities on Amazon in 2023?

We touched on the following Points!

–Down Under Bedding story

–Key to success on Amazon

–Best Ranking Techniques for 2023

–Right Product Selection

–External Traffic on Amazon

–Ideas for Product Differentiation

–Targeting High Ticket Items

–Best Niches to Target

–Criteria of Product selection

–Some cool tips for Product Launching

–Importance of A/B Testing

–Important Tips for Product Selection