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Why do You Need Amazon Brand Registry Services?

Amazon Brand Registry is beyond Just Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Registry is a fascinating tool provided by Amazon because:

  • It protects your brand, as well as 
  • Increase your control over Amazon Business.
Your brand is an irreplaceable asset and hence shall be safeguarded. However, unfortunately, the application process is not that simple. With our Amazon brand registry service, you can get your brand registered and increase the amount of control you have over Amazon.

What are the Benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry?

Before Amazon Brand Registry, you would want to know “What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry Services?”. Registration of Brand with Amazon is almost compulsor for selling on amazon because it: 


Preferential Treatment from the Amazon

You will be getting Preferential treatment from the Amazon Brand Registry Support Team

The dedicated Amazon brand Registry Support team facilitates you in:

  • Intellectual property infringement claims
  • Marketplace violations
  • List Review manipulations
  • Listing issues such as detail pages, content, titles & images
  • Report “not as described” violations & more

Increased Control Over Amazon Business

Amazon Brand Registry will Increase Your Control to Magnify Your Sales

  • After Registry You can have your Amazon Storefront
  • You can Register in Amazon A+ Content after the brand is registered.
  • You will have a “Request a Review Button” in the seller dashboard, which will increase the reviews and Ratings.
  • It unlocks reports to identify unauthorized sellers & product listing hijackers.
  • Hijackers can be refrained from changing the content of your product listings.
  • Gives you access to the dedicated Amazon brand registry support team to facilitate you.

Fake or copied products on Amazon are a huge problem. So, to protect legitimate sellers, Amazon invested millions of dollars in the Amazon Brand registry to minimize the risk of counterfeit products on its site.

Do you need a Trademark for Amazon Brand Registry?


The answer to this famous question “Do you need a Trademark for Amazon Brand Registry requirements? is as follows:

  • Brands must have a
    • Pending or Registered and 
    • Active text or image-based trademark.
  • There shall be a pending or registered trademark in each country where you wish to get yourself enrolled.
  • Trademark registration shall be pending under the Amazon IP Accelerator to be eligible to apply for the Amazon brand registry. 
  • Moreover, Amazon Brand Registry also accepts brands with pending trademark registration in a subset of trademark offices (see country-specific requirements section).

What are Amazon Trademark Registration Guidelines?

The trademark for your brand must be in the form of:

    • A text-based mark (word mark) or
    • Design mark (An image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers)

Text-based Trademark


Design Trademark


Currently, Amazon is accepting trademarks registered from the government trademark offices in the following countries:

Amazon is accepting Trademark registered in the following Countries

Amazon is accepting trademarks registered from the government trademark offices in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Egypt, Brazil, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Italy, Saudi Arabia, European Union, India, Turkey, The United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you have trademark registration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO):

  • You have to submit the corresponding trademark number assigned by the national trademark office as it may differ from the trademark number assigned by WIPO. 
If you have a trademark registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO):

Then you have to select EUIPO as your trademark registrar in your application. Updates to Brand Registry eligibility criteria are posted on the Amazon Brand Registry Eligibility page.

Please ensure that this information matches before submitting your application for Amazon Brand Registration:

  • The trademark text must match the brand name on the application.
  •  When your trademark is an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers, you have to upload a copy of the image exactly as it appears on your trademark record. 

Moreover, this trademark must also appear on your products or packaging.


As your trusted partners, we will work to ensure that you are done with the process of Amazon Brand Registration as soon as possible so that you can avail yourself of the stated benefits and excel in this business.

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