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What is Amazon A+ Content?

What is Amazon A+ Content?
What is Amazon A+ Content?

You may be wondering what is Amazon A+ Content. Actually, it is a graphically appealing section that allows you to present your brand and products in a more premium and professional manner to your customers. It replaces the simple and often dull product description, providing visual interest to the customers. It has been designed to give you the freedom of creativity and expression through the enhanced Product description and Brand content. It can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic, and consequently increased sales if used effectively. 

What are the eligibility requirements for Amazon A+ Content?

Eligibility Requirements of Amazon A+ Content
Eligibility Requirements of Amazon A+ Content?

To have Amazon A+ Content to your listing, you shall be either:

  • Brand Owner through Amazon brand registry; or
  • Part of certain managed selling programs such as Amazon Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives.

Note: Amazon A+ Content can be added to only those products that are part of your approved brand catalog.

E-Commerce Villa’s Amazon A+ Content Service

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What are the benefits of Amazon A+ Content Service?

Advantages of Amazon A+ Content Service?
What are the Advantages of Amazon A+ content Service?

Grabs Customers’ Attention

Amazon A+ Content Grabs Customers Attentions

Improves the Customer’s Trust

A+ Content Improves the Customers Trust

Spreads Brand Awareness

Amazon A+ Content Spreads Brand Awareness

Customer Satisfaction and Better Experience

EBC / A+ Content gives better customer experience

Improves product Reviews Velocity and Rating

Amazon A+ Content Improves Product Reviews Requirements and Ratings

Boost Your Conversion Rate, Sales, and Profits

EBC Boost your Sales and Productivity

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines
Amazon A+ Content Guidelines?

Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding what types of content it will allow, so make sure to read the following list carefully. Following these guidelines will help ensure that Amazon accepts your application for Amazon A+ Content and you are good to go. 

What are the Guidelines for Amazon A+ Content regarding the Images and Text Formating?

ParticularsShall follow / Allowed Shall not follow / ❌ Strictly Not Allowed
Image file typesAcceptable file types includes jpg, .bmp, and .png in the RGB colorspaceCYMK colorspace
Image file SizeIndividual files Size must be under 2 MB ❌ >2 MB
Image Resolution At least 72 dpi❌ < 72 dpi
Animated images (for example GIFs) ❌ Not Allowed
Image Quality 1) Use of blurry or low-quality images;&
2) Images with watermarks or small text that are not readable when shown on mobile devices are not allowed.
Image Alt-Text1) Should describe the Image; and
2) Should be useful for the Customers
Otherwise than allowed, may result in rejection of your Application.
Image UniquenessImage and Text must be unique to A+ Content which should showcase unique aspects of the product or brand.Avoid reusing the same images that are currently published in the image gallery of the page.
Logo and Symbols 1) Only one brand logo is allowed
2) As far as adding icons, only add those that help customers navigate through the text.
3) You may also use logos and symbols from partner companies but only if it is logical and beneficial.
Use of NumberSpell out all numbers under 10
Use of Punctuations and CommasUse consistent punctuation and serial (oxford) commasPunctuation errors
Content Language other than one Specified.A small amount of text in a language other than one specified is allowed if it is part of the brand’s identity.1) Otherwise than allowed, may result in rejection.
2) ❌ Content written in HTML tags
Other Guidelines1) You should capitalize each Major word in a Header;
2) Use bold and italic formatting only to highlight headings or a few select words
1) Grammatical errors;
2) Misspellings;
3) Strings of all-caps text;
4) Abusing font features; and
5) unnecessary or repeated information. For more information, go to Prohibited product claims.
Formating of Images and Text A + content

Other claims regarding such products as well as any general claims require a note in the text to substantiate them.

Can we Highlight the Claims and Rewards in Amazon A+ Content Section?

Can we highlight the claims and rewards in A+ Content?
Claims and Rewards in A+ Content
ParticularsShall follow / Allowed Shall not follow / ❌ Strictly Not Allowed
Referencing Awards or EndorsementsInclude a note in the text to refer to awards and endorsements containing the following particulars;
1) About the Awards and Endorsements
2) The date when the awards; endorsements were achieved; and
2) The organization’s identity granting the award.
❌ Do not mention awards received more than 2 years ago
Certification Claims and AwardsYou may include the certification claims  (e.g. recommended by, certified, tested, approved, proven, validated) and Awards subject to the inclusion of a substantiated note in the text containing reference to the:
1) Certifying body;
2) Awarding body;
3) Study;
4) Publication; or
other evidence, and year.
❌ Otherwise than allowed, is prohibited.
Environmental ClaimsClaims that a product is “recyclable” or ”ecological” may also be used subject to the inclusion of a substantiated note in the text containing supporting information:
1) Such as materials used; or
2) Certifying body and year.
1) ❌ Otherwise than allowed, is prohibited.
2) ❌ In text & images, environmental claims with words like “eco-friendly,” “biodegradable,” and “compostable,” including their symbols, are exclusively prohibited.
Satisfaction claims and Boastful ClaimsSatisfaction claims (for example, “100% satisfaction guaranteed”), and boastful claims such as “#1 rated,” “top-rated,” “best-selling,” and so on are not allowed.
Claims to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseasesAny claims to cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent diseases in humans or animals or both regarding
1) Drugs,
2) Cosmetics,
3) Medical devices,
4) Beverages,
5) Food, and
6) Health products (including natural health products, vitamins, and supplements), are strictly prohibited.
Guidelines for Claims and Rewards

What About Content Restriction?

What are Amazon A+ Content Restrictions?
What is Amazon A+ Content Restriction?
ParticularsShall follow / Allowed Shall not follow / ❌ Strictly Not Allowed
Warranty or Guarantee informationIn cases where the product itself is strictly a warranty card, you can refer warranty in your A+ Content. ❌ Warranty or guarantee information, including references to off-Amazon return or refund policies, is strictly forbidden in A+ content.
Referring Your Company as a Seller and distributorDo not refer to your company as a seller or distributor (for example, “buy from us for authentic products”) or mention seller authorization (for example, “product only sold by authorized resellers”) in Amazon A+ Content.
Shipping DetailsAs per Amazon guidelines you are not permitted to include any shipping details (for example, “free shipping”), QR barcodes, or personal information such as phone number, address, or email on the A+ page.
Quotes or endorsementsA maximum of four quotes or endorsements is allowed, and these should only be from
1) Well-known publications or
2) Public figures; and
It must be accompanied by the author, date, and if citing a publication, the title.
No quotes or attributions may be made in A+ content to:
1) Individuals,
2) Customers, or
3) Other private figures.
Compare products with competitorsA+ Content shall be intended to build the brand and provide additional product details, not to discuss competitors.Do not reference or compare products with competitors, regardless of how competitors are mentioned (for example, specific names, described as “other(s)”, or otherwise). 
Comparison chartsComparison charts may only compare against other products owned by the same brand. Comparisons made against categories, like LED bulbs vs halogen ones, are acceptable and not considered competitive call-outs.
Pricing, Promotional details or discounts, promotion referencesPricing, promotional details or discounts, promotion references such as “affordable,” “cheap,” “bonus,” “free,” or language directing customers to purchase such as “buy now,” “add to cart,” “get yours now,” or “shop with us.” are not allowed to include in A+ Page.
Time-sensitive informationAmazon Guidelines on A+ Page do not allow the sellers to mention time-sensitive information such as now / new / latest / yet / on sale now / the latest product / the best yet, or references to holidays.
Trademarks and copyright symbolsTrademarks and copyright symbols (TM, ®, © ) are acceptable if they’re reasonably sized and either already included on product packaging or always displayed as part of the logo or it is used in both.Stand-alone symbols otherwise are not allowed. Any trademark or copyright symbols have to be removed from the text copy if you want to sell on Amazon.
Hyperlinks, external web links, or language attempting to redirect Hyperlinks, external web links, or language attempting to redirect to other sites inside or outside of Amazon (including your other products) are prohibited by Amazon.
References to off-Amazon customer service or contact informationReferences to off-Amazon customer service or contact information are prohibited (for example, “contact us if you have problems,” phone numbers, contact email).
Mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings, or detailsAmazon does not allow Images or text that attempt to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings, or details.
Adult productsContent on adult products that violate any of Amazon’s Adult products policies and guidelines or content that includes any mention of criminal activity is not allowed.
References to Amazon-supported programs or branded productsReferences to Amazon-supported programs or branded products are permitted.
Violations of other Amazon Policies❌ Including 
1) Restricted product Policies,
2) Category requirements,
3) Program policies are strictly not allowed.
A+ Content Restriction Guidelines

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