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Why E-Commerce Villa for Your Amazon listing Services?

We at E-Commerce Villa provide one of the finest amazon listing services because our consultants understand thoroughly the listing aspects that rank your listing at the top and increase the conversion rate. Our amazon listing services are result-focused, which enables us to fulfill your expectations from Amazon Marketplaces. Let,s understand the factors that affect the ranking of your listing but before that have a look at some of the client’s experiences with E-Commerce Villa. 

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What are the Amazon Listing Factors that affect the Ranking of Your Listing?


Amazon Product Listing Images

Effective amazon product listing images increase your clicks and conversion rate. The following are the factors that we consider in optimizing your amazon listing images:

  • Is there an eye-catcher, crystal clear, and high-resolution main image with white background? 
  • Do your product images help the customers visualize various in-use scenarios?
  • Do you apply branding themes consistently across your image gallery?
  • Do your image gives a visual reference point in sizing infographics?
  • Do you need to use time-relevant images
  • Single feature comparison or Complicated graphs
  • Does the product image justify the Product Price?

Amazon Listing Title

The Amazon listing title is another significant factor for high-ranking listing, which shall not only induce the buyer to make purchases but shall include strategically built-in KWs, understanding the visual display of your listing to the customers.

The keywords are included in the main title, depending on your launching approach/strategy.

  • For a steady approach: We use less competitive KWs, and list Item
  • For an aggressive approach: We use relevant high Competitive KW with high search volume.

Bullet Points Amazon Seller Central

Bullet points Amazon Seller Central shall be selling points of your product, and relevant ranking KWs shall be included in these bullet points for ranking the listing. These selling points shall answer the following questions for the best results:

  • What is the use of the product, and how will this benefit them?
  • What differentiates your product from that of competitors?
  • Is it suitable for a good gift?
  • Is there any warranty

Amazon Product Description

The Amazon product description shall describe the features and benefits of your product along with the Ranking Keywords. This may be used to describe your brand and its values to the customers to build brand loyalty. 

Amazon A+ Content

According to Amazon, EBC/Amazon A+ Content can potentially increase Your sales between 3%-10%. So, every brand shall avail this opportunity. A+ content uses graphic visuals and pitchers to grab the attention of buyers. It is a powerful way to take a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Amazon backend keywords

Although Amazon’s back-end is not visible to the buyer. However, the same plays a critical role in ranking the listing on the right KWs. Amazon backend keywords allow you to use keywords that could not find a place in your listing title, bullet points, & product description. 

All these aspects shall be optimized to rank the listing and increase the conversion rates. 


Adding Video to Amazon Listing


Adding videos to amazon listings that show how to use the product and highlight the product’s features & benefits is critical for your success on amazon. It helps customers in making purchase decisions. Surveys have revealed that about 90% of customers find the videos beneficial to them for purchase. Adding videos to an amazon listing can increase the conversion rate up to 80% of your product listing, so to increase the conversion rate inclusion of videos in your product listing is inevitable. The recommended length of the videos is between 30 and 45 seconds. Amazon rewards those sellers who bring the conversion in a short time.

Tips for Adding Video to Amazon Listing

We are sharing some important tips for creating effective videos for your listing
  • The initial three seconds are very precious to grabbing the attention of the customers. So, please don’t waste those say in showing your brand name,
  • which shall be shown at the very end. To get the best results video shall start by showing the use of the product.
  • The speed of the video is another crucial factor to consider as you don,t want to waste the time of your buyer i.e. there shall be only three seconds to describe a feature of your product.
  • 3-D animation ads and whiteboard ads are less effective in most cases. 
  • Lifestyle product videos are effective but show the utility of the product. The focus should be on the product and not the actors.
  • Quick highlighted text is a good Ideal – but should be two or three words.
  • Start from action and user banner, logo, and brand name at the end.
  • Starting and ending should not be black. Otherwise, Amazon Will Reject this.
  • The decision is made on the visual ads and not on the sound, so the focus should be on the ad and not the sound.

Amazon Listing Consultant as Your Strategic Partner

E-Commerce Villa Amazon Listing Consultant will help you in sending your product listings to the top of high-search volume keywords for increased visibility and sales. The experts will provide you with strategic consulting every step of the way which will enable you to save time, effort, and costs.

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