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Prevents unauthorized resellers selling your Products

What is Brand Gating Amazon?

Brand Gating is a program on Amazon that allows brands to set up a barrier around their products (or their entire brand) so no other sellers can sell their counterfeits. After registration in the amazon brand gating program, third-party sellers who wish to sell your branded product need to apply and fulfill certain criteria set up by Amazon. This prevents unauthorized resellers from selling your products and counterfeiters from making and selling counterfeits.


Why Use Brand Gating on Amazon?

A lot of harm may be caused to sellers by counterfeiting on Amazon. They can lower your prices, skim revenue, and hurt your reputation. That’s where brand-gating amazon comes to rescue the sellers. It helps your business prevent unauthorized resellers from selling fake versions of your products using your brand name and/or images. Amazon Brand gating relies on ASINs to protect brand owners and their products. When an unauthorized seller tries to sell on a gated listing, Amazon detects it. And you as a brand owner have control to get unauthorized sellers removed from your listing.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Brand Gating?

Stop Brand’s Counterfeit Sellers/Hijackers

Amazon Brand gating allows brands to select which sellers may sell their products on their amazon listing. This is an amazing feature offered by amazon which blocks sellers who are selling counterfeits.

Protect Your Authentic Brands’ Reputation

Counterfeit products are rarely equal to the original. If your shoppers buy a knock-off product, but don’t realize it, your brand becomes associated with the knock-off brand,  which will damage your brand’s reputation.

With Amazon brand gating, you can remove counterfeit products which will increase customer loyalty and provide a better experience.

Boost your Amazon Sale

There will always be competitors, but counterfeiting is different from the rest. Unauthorized sellers steal sales from your brand that you’ve worked hard to earn through your marketing efforts.

Amazon Brand Gating allows you to keep counterfeits out of your Amazon product listing, which makes your brand more visible and attractive to buyers. Amazon prevents these sellers from even listing your product, which will eliminate a source of lost sales. As a result, your company will get more sales from the marketplace.


How to Get Registered for Brand Gating on Amazon?

a) Register Your Trademark

You’ll need to be a trademark owner to apply for gating rights in the Amazon Brand Gating program. For that visit the patent and trademark office /website and see if anyone is already using your brand name. You’ll need to apply and provide information like your name, address, citizenship, and detailed description of the brand.

b) Join Your Amazon Brand on Registry

After the trademark registration, it’s time to get registered in the amazon brand registry program. The Amazon Brand Registry gives brand owners full control over the content of their product listings. After you submit your product documents, Amazon starts scanning your online store to search for counterfeit products and remove fake listings.


c) Provide the ASINs of the Products You Want to Gate

It’s time to make a list of the ASINs you’d like to gate or restrict. Contact the amazon support team and share the same. If you have too many ASINs? Don’t send all of them. In this case, you can prioritize the one that’s related to various counterfeit activities for speedy results.

d) Provide Your Anti-Counterfeit Efforts and Amazon Seller ID

Amazon prioritizes brands that actively fight counterfeit products. This is why you have to detail everything you’ve done to protect your brand from counterfeiters when joining the Amazon Brand gating program. And Yes don’t forget to provide your amazon Seller ID. This will avoid unnecessary delays.

Provide Your Anti-Counterfeit Efforts for Brand Gating on amazon

How long does it take to get a brand gated on Amazon?


Usually, It takes up to 5-6 weeks for Amazon to gate your brand after you’ve created a request and provided all the information. Checking the product listing manually is an easy way to verify if your products are gated or not. For this simply check if “Sell on Amazon” underneath the Buy Box and other sellers on the Amazon Box is visible or not.

Some Important Tips for Amazon Brand Gating Application

Before filing an amazon brand gating application, please consider the following for a speedy process:

  • Check your trademark registration before applying.
  • Pick the ASINs that are highly profitable and have a counterfeiting history for amazon brand gating.
  • Prioritize the ASINs for speedy amazon brand gating.
  • Provide Amazon with the list of resellers that you have approved to sell your Brand’s products to prevent any conflicts that might arise after your brand has been gated.
  • Do not try to list your used items as new for amazon brand gating.
  • Do not try to list restricted brands without authorization.
  • Do not bundle restricted brands with non-restricted brands for brand gating.


Brand Protection Service

Brand Protection Service through amazon brand gating is the most secure barrier against counterfeits. It is a safety measure for the brand owners. You can stop hijackers from undercutting your sales, protect your brand reputation and win customer loyalty from E-Commerce Villa Brand Protection Service.

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