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We as amazon account reinstatement service experts and amazon sellers understand how disappointing it can be when you find an account suspension notice from Amazon sitting in your inbox. All your hard work is in danger due to what may have been a casual mistake. Sometimes even the seller doesn’t know which policy of Amazon they have violated, which has caused the suspension of their account. Don’t worry we are here to reinstate your account and get you going again.

What to Expect from our Amazon Account Suspension Service?

Our Amazon Account Suspension Services are result-oriented.  You can get a Free Assessment of your suspended account, with no obligation. This means that we won’t charge you If we can’t help you. You can benefit from our Amazon Account Suspension Services as follows:

Amazon Account Suspension Service


  • Get your Amazon Account Reinstated as quickly as possible with high chances of Success;
  • Identification of other non-compliances with Amazon’s Policies that can cause suspension of your account soon; 
  • Development of a customized Plan of action to get you to succeed; 
  • You will get as many Follow-up appeals as necessary to ensure that reinstatement is successful; and
  • If you are looking for immediate help in account reinstatement, reach out to us right now and get your account back within the next 24 hours.

Which types of Account Suspensions Do Our Amazon Suspension Services deal in?

Our Amazon suspension services can help you in reinstating your suspended account in the following cases:


1) Amazon Account Creation Failure

Seller accounts that aren’t set up properly can get suspended right away – during account creation. Common reasons for account suspension during amazon seller account setup are:

  • Providing inappropriate/incomplete/false information to amazon; or
  • An attempt has been made to set up an account from restricted countries.

2) IP Complaints Resolutions

Our Amazon Suspension Services also deals in IP Complaints Resolution. Copyright, trademark, and patent violations not only take away your Amazon selling privileges but also can have legal implications. Such suspensions include:

  • Selling counterfeit items; and
  • Right Owner notice of infringement.

3) Amazon Account Suspension due to Poor Seller Performance: 

Seller performance is an important part of Amazon’s business model, and if your performance is not top-notch, Amazon may suspend your account or even deactivate it for the following reasons:

  • Order defect rate of more than 1%;
  • Late shipment rate greater than 4%; or
  • Pre-fulfillment cancelation rate above 2.5%

 4) Violation of Amazon Policies

Due to violations of Amazon policies, suspensions are often vague, so sellers are usually clueless about how to fix the problem. Amazon account suspension due to violation of amazon policies could be because of the following reasons:

  • Account Verification issues;
  • Misusing ASIN variations;
  • Related account suspension;
  • Review Manipulation;
  • Selling expired items;
  • Selling items that are prohibited;
  • Invoice defect rate suspension;
  • Multiple Amazon accounts;
  • Inauthentic item;
  • Used items sold as new; and
  • Your Product listing does not match the detail page and so o

Let's Get you Back on Amazon with our Amazon Suspension Appeal Service:


Amazon’s suspension appeal service from E-Commerce Villa follows a structured approach to help our clients start selling their products through amazon again. The 4 steps to amazon’s suspension service are as follows:

  • Audit: The first step in the Amazon suspension appeal service is to identify the cause. This can be done by investigating specific feedback, reports, and suspension letter along with the health check of your listing.
  • Improvement: After identifying the root cause, It’s now time to make the required improvement by assessing and evaluating your account.
  • Submit: Then, a professional and personalized Plan of Action is submitted as an Appeal that reflects the errors made and the refinement to stop them from occurring in the future.
  • Reinstatement: We follow up professionally after the appeal submission to get the account reinstated as quickly as possible.

How long does it take to get reinstated on amazon?

You will obviously want to know how long it takes to get reinstated on amazon. So, the truth is that the reinstatement can happen in just a few hours or a few months depending upon the complexity of the case.

Amazon Account Suspension Service is for You

We as amazon account suspension service providers are focused on fighting back against the unfair treatment that sellers receive from Amazon and its Seller Support personnel. To minimize the damage that may arise to your business due to Amazon Account Suspension, our amazon account reinstatement service aims to reinstate your suspended accounts as soon as practicable.

Our Amazon lawyers and consultants know how to win Amazon appeals and reinstate Amazon seller accounts for you.

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