TikTok Shop Case Study of Shoe Brand

Generated $1.6M in sales on TikTok Shop for HC Clor within just 6 months of product launch

The Results

TikTok Shop Case Study
Tiktok shop case study for a shoe brand

Project Overview

Ever seen a new shoe brand blow up overnight? This one did. Their fuzzy slippers, their chic house shoes – women can’t get enough! They’re changing how we think about kicking back at home.

But launching on TikTok Shop? That’s a whole different beast. That’s where we came in. Think of us as their TikTok Shop power-up – ads, influencers, the works. The result? Over $1.6 MILLION in sales. Boom.

The Highlights

The highlights of the case study are:

  • In February 2024, total sales reached an impressive $1,612,653.16, fueled by $206,714.02 in Sponsored Sales, showcasing significant revenue growth potential on TikTok Shop.
  • A notable 4.71 ROAS underlines the heightened effectiveness of our ad campaigns.
  • A substantial 34.84% of our revenue has come through affiliates, highlighting the effectiveness of our affiliate campaigns.
  • As a result of brand promotion made through affiliates, the brand has seen a 12% increase in its sales on other ecommerce platforms.

Executing the Startegy

The Challenge

The Problems Initially, the brand faced the following challenges:

  • The product was relatively on the lower end compared to other sellers in the market, so there was a need to decide on a strategy for such products.
  • Several product listings were initially suspended.
  • The bidding price for the ads was a bit high at the start.
  • A high return rate was also a major concern, as is common in the shoe industry.
  • Account health management was a major concern.
  • A limited marketing budget presented constraints on advertising efforts.

The Solution

TikTok Shop case study the solution

We are thrilled to share the effective strategies we put into action, resulting in the remarkable outcomes and success we accomplished:

Development of Strategy: As the product was priced low, content from the official profile was not cost-efficient, as the company had no presence on TikTok before. Building followers from the start was a challenge. However, to overcome this hurdle, it was decided to use affiliates marketing effectively, and it worked.

High Bidding Cost: The bidding cost was high in the industry as the product prices are on the low end, so we could not afford high CPC. Therefore, ads were run only on ad creatives that had an excellent conversion rate.

High Return Rate: A high return rate was a major concern when we started, as is common in the shoe industry. We analyzed all the reasons which may cause returns and made sure that the listings were appropriately designed to give the user sufficient information to make their initial purchase correctly. Moreover, creators were guided to advise their audience about sizes to their customers, which helped control this number as well.

Account Health Management: This is very crucial with respect to TikTok Shop, and special attention was paid in that regard. A dedicated specialist was assigned to resolve any violations raised by the TikTok Shop team to ensure that it is always in the excellent range.

Limited Budget: This was not a major concern on TikTok Shop because of the TikTok Shop promotions campaigns, where the customer was facilitated with many coupons. Moreover, an ads bonus was also given to us, which was really helpful.