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You are likely here for an amazon ranking service because:

  • You are starting a new amazon private label business and you want to rank your business quickly
  • Your listing has been de-ranked suddenly and you don’t why?
  • All of a sudden, Your listing’s sales have dropped and you don’t know why.
  • Your listing isn’t be found online.

Do you know what? You’ve come to the right Amazon Ranking Agency. Our tried-and-true ranking methods and practices have been successful in generating success for many of our clients. We are able to rank our partner’s products on the first page in the Top Positions because we understand the ranking factors of the Amazon A9 Algorithm. Let’s take a look at these factors one by one;

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What are the Amazon Ranking Factors?

All those factors which directly affect the Sales of your listing are the amazon ranking factors. The factors that directly affect your sales are direct, while the others are indirect factors. Let’s understand this in more detail:

Direct Amazon Ranking Factors

Listing Content

Text match relevancy in the product listing content is one of the prime factors for amazon product ranking at the Top. Including highly relevant KWs in the title, bullet points, description, and back-end search term in a way that customers are obvious of their presence is key to more visibility and sales on amazon. So for getting ranked organically at the top of customer search, text match relevancy is the first step. Moreover, it is also important for amazon sponsored ads Management.


Amazon Product Availability

Inventory Availability for any business is important and amazon has no exception. Due to the non-availability of inventory, we will lose customers. And as a punishment amazon will push down our listing to give other sellers the chance to sell their products, which adversely affects the BSR of Our Listing. So, each seller shall manage its inventory properly so that there is no stock-out but at the same time there is no excess storage of inventory in the amazon warehouses. 

Product Pricing as An Amazon Ranking Factor

Product Pricing is another amazon ranking factor that significantly affects the ranking. Your product should be priced based on the value it provides to your customers. If your product is priced higher then the customer would not purchase from your listing. which gives the signal to amazon that customers did not find your product worth it to purchase, as a result, Amazon will push your listing down, giving other sellers the chance to sell their products. So, If you are brand and your product is real quality so it should look like the same through your videos, images and listing. 


Indirect Amazon Ranking Factors


External Traffic to Amazon Listings

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, prefers to rank Big Brands on the keywords and phrases searched by their customers to give them a better experience on its platform. Now, the question is how the amazon algorithm recognizes the brand as a Brand.  Well, the answer to this question is that the amazon algorithm is designed to recognize a seller as a brand from its amazon store and the traffic it can generate from sources external to amazon. For locally established brands it’s an easy task but for new brands finding a way to establish their businesses in new countries, it is difficult at the start. Now, How you can get away with this? To achieve the same luxury and boost the organic ranking of your listing, you may want to drive traffic from both Amazon PPC and External sources. Don’t worry we will not leave you confused here. It’s simple these are different social media channels, google ads, and use of influences. Obviously, these are paid channels but very beneficial for your ranking.   

Amazon A+ Content and Its Attractiveness

After the Amazon Brand Registry, you’ll need to focus on creating excellent A+ content. Doing this will increase your conversion rates and your rankings dramatically on the search results pages for your excitement. 

Amazon Ranking Service A+ Content

Sales Promotion Strategies

Sales promotion is another important factor to rank your amazon listing. Sales promotion increases sales and improves the conversion rates which encourages amazon to rank your listing at the Top.

Fulfillment Method Used By the Sellers

Another important factor for you to think about is the fulfillment method when it comes to ranking on Amazon. The sellers using the FBM model must handle the product delivery efficiently to avoid negative reviews from customers who are unhappy with delayed product deliveries. Usually, sellers with the FBA model dominate the top spots but there are exceptions for your delight if you are a seller with the FBM model


E-Commerce Villa for Your Amazon Product Ranking Service

E-Commerce Villa Amazon Product Ranking Service will help your business organically rank your listing at the Top. We know the do’s and don’t of ranking. That is why we are generating the results. You should partner with an agency that will help you get going at the Top. Let’s Achieve Your desired results for the delight of both of us. 

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