Unlocking Organic Growth: TikTok, Influencers, and Amazon Success in the Modern Era

The Marketing Challenge: Standing Out in a Crowded Field

Let’s be real: most brands today use the same marketing strategies. You know the scenario all too well. Every budding entrepreneur and bigwig corporation tunes into the same YouTube video, decodes the digital marketing hacks, and voila! They’re marketing pros. But here’s the kicker – if everyone’s swinging to the same rhythm, how do you dance differently? How do you make sure your moves aren’t just seen, but remembered? Enter omnichannel strategies, the unsung hero of the digital age.

Amazon PPC in 2023: Not the Magic Bullet

Having managed a lot of money for big Amazon brands, I can say that relying solely on Amazon’s PPC isn’t going to cut it anymore. Tweaking images or backend terms might boost sales a bit, but it’s not the key to long-term success. If you look at big names like Nike or Samsung on Amazon, you won’t always find fancy images or perfect listing details.

The Goal: Be the Best in Your Amazon Category

We don’t all aim to be as big as Nike, but being top in our Amazon category? That sounds good. The trick is to not just rely on Amazon. The big names drive traffic from other places too, telling Amazon they’re bringing in customers. Amazon likes that and tends to show those products more.

Ways to Boost Traffic Without Breaking the Bank:

Sure, you can spend a lot on ads, but there’s risk there. Let me tell you about a zero-cost strategy: the TikTok Shop. This platform can give free organic traffic and sales.

Influencers: A Goldmine for Organic Growth

I can connect brands with influencers. Some have huge followings and will work for a set fee and a commission. Others, with smaller groups of followers, might work just for a commission. A few successful videos can bring in more sales from TikTok in a week than you might get from six months on Amazon. And some of those TikTok viewers? They’ll head over to Amazon to search for the product, boosting your rankings there too.

Another Tactic: Press Releases

Press releases can cost a bit, but they’re great for drawing organic traffic from Google. Want to learn more about their power? Check out my podcast chat with Phil Masiello. He’s launched several big Amazon brands and swears by press releases.

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