Strategies to Increase Your Sales on Amazon

How To Increase Amazon Sales? (Advance 3 Strategies)

What are the Lead Sources to Generate Sales on Amazon?

Before diving into the 3 strategies to increase your sales on amazon, we have to understand what are the lead sources to generate sales on this platform. The three lead sources are as follows:

  • Amazon Search Results
  • Amazon Product Pages
  • Sales Generated through Google and Social Media Channels

The sellers that are using all these sources are generating roughly 35% of their total sales through amazon search results, 45% through amazon product pages (Major Overlook Area), and, 20% through google and social media channels.

Let’s discuss the strategies to significantly boost your amazon sales:

Strategy 1


Listing Optimization (Best Strategies)

How Can You Increase Your Sales Through Amazon Search Results?

This is where the Keyword emphasis should be. If you want to increase sales by the optimum utilization of this portion. You have to make sure that you are targeting the right search phrases placed in the right place. Most People just stuff their listings with so many keywords, but this is not the right strategy from our perspective, it may be ok at the start but with time you have to narrow down the keywords to the ones that are converting well to generate results.

How Should You Prioritize the Keywords in the Your Product Listing?

How to Increase Amazon Sales Through Prioritizing Keyphrases?

1) Title of Your Amazon Listing:

The importance of a good title can be analyzed from the fact that most amazon sellers make their sales from these 3 to 8 keywords. The sales generated through these keywords are about 85% of your sales through amazon search results. So, for excellent results, you have to make sure that you put the converting phrases or the phrases you are targeting in the most important title of your listing. Well ideally you want to rank all eight keywords that you have placed in your title but at the start, if you can rank for two or three keywords for which you are converting it will be a handful. Then over time, you can rank for the other keywords as well. But these keywords should be in your title when you first start. So, proper keyword research in advance is very important.

2) Platinum Keywords in Amazon


The second most important place is the Platinum Keywords field in amazon seller central. This is actually in the backend where there are five different fields. You can put up to 50 characters in each of these five lines. This is one of the most overlook but important places for your ranking in the top sports. You would like to repeat your best phrases here.

3) Search Term Amazon Seller Central


Search terms in amazon seller central are the terms entered by sellers into “search terms” or “generic_keywords” fields to get indexed in the search engine for matching. Some useful tips for the search terms are;

  • Use synonyms of the Key Phrases;
  • Avoid common misspellings but do use spelling variations;
  • Consider using abbreviations;
  • Only use lowercase letters;
  • Separate words with spaces rather than using punctuation marks such as: “;”, “:”, and “-.”;
  • Avoid repetition; and
  • Use either singular or plural.

To Know about the prohibited search term you can visit the amazon seller central guideline.

4) Other Fields / Details


These other fields can help you stand out from your competitors. Most of the sellers leave other fields on the backend of amazon seller central blank. If you can utilize these fields you will be able to:

  • Increase the relevancy of your product listing to the customer search terms;
  • Index more keywords in the amazon search engine to increase your product visibility to the customers;
  • Eliminate the huge competition by filtering search results; and
  • Generate more sales on Amazon.


5) Bullet Points Amazon Seller Central

Then comes the bullet points of the amazon seller central. The keywords used in the bullet points do help in the search engine indexing of your listing. So you would want to use the vital key phrase here as well.

A Tip to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Listing

From the customer’s point of view, unless your product is very technical, most people just skim through these. Therefore you are advised to put an effort into your product photos because people don’t have the time to read your bullet points. If your Product photos are not impressive you are expected to have a very low conversion rate.


6) Question and Answers / Customers Reviews

Question and Answers / Customer Reviews play a crucial role for Outside SEO. In simple words, this helps search engines like Google / Bing to find your listing on Amazon.


7) Product Description

Do you know what product description is the least important place to use your important keywords? However, the first 200 characters of the description are very important because these are shown on mobile phones. Even if you have A+ content on your listing you still should fill in a nice product description because sometimes it shows as default.


Strategy 2


Product Page Targeting Strategies

Amazon Sales increase Through Product Page Targeting

A lot of sales on Amazon come from amazon product pages. You will find such places on the product pages when you will scroll down a listing with a heading like


These are the places that help in generating roughly 40% of your sales on amazon. If you want to utilize these amazon product pages’ places to huge effect, Your product’s main images should be very very good. Your listing’s main image should be able to stand out from your competitors and attract your customer to your listing.

Strategy for ASIN Targeting Amazon PPC

If you are using PPC for your listing and have run auto campaigns in the past, you need to download a report named sponsored product search term report. Use this report to find the ASINs that are converting for you and leading you to generate sales. However, if you do not have this data then you should target the ASINs where you have a better chance of getting sales. Appropriate competitor targeting strategies could be

  • Target ASINs with high traffic but poor conversion rate. (By using Brand Analytics Report)
  • Target the ASINs with Lower Reviews or Poor Rating; and
  • You may also want to target the ASINs with higher prices unless the reviews are high for the targeted ASINs.

Once you have chosen the ASINs you need to use manual targeting campaigns to target those Campaigns. This strategy will help you increase your amazon sales significantly.

Strategy 3


Advanced Strategy to Target Problem-Solving Keywords in the Google SEO

How to Boost Amazon Sales and Stay at the Top Spot Through Google and Social Media Channels?

So everybody talked about building an audience outside Amazon to survive in the competitive amazon world. But let’s discuss a strategy to stay at the top spot on Amazon and an actual way to build an audience that will boost your amazon sales to the extent that it will be really hard for your competitors to take your top positions.

To dig into this strategy. We need to understand customer behavior first. The customer doesn’t care what product you’re selling or how good your product is. What they care about is the problem that your products are solving or the pleasure your products will be provided to them. So this strategy is based on exactly this phenomenon. Where you target the problem-solving keywords on google SEO rather than the product keywords to drive traffic to your website. You write blogs targeting problem-solving keywords and run extremely cheap PPC ads to drive traffic to your blogs from google. Once You educate the customer about the problem your product is solving or the value your product provides to the customer, you can then refer the customer through an attribution link to Amazon.

Amazon just loves external traffic, it gives a huge boost to your ranking on amazon as well when you drive such traffic to your listing. It waives ten percent of your referral fee as well when you drive external traffic to your Amazon listing. So it is a strategy worth trying out to boost your amazon sales and take them to the next level.


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