Amazon Advertising Case Study

Generated Over 12 M Sales 2022

The Results

Amazon PPC Case Study - Results
Amazon PPC Case Study

Project Overview

Our client is a well-known brand on Amazon that offers a variety of high-quality products, ranging from various hardware supplies to home improvement tools. In October 2021, the brand collaborated with E-Commerce Villa, an Amazon advertising company, to generate more sales and manage their Amazon advertising.

The brand recognized the importance of effective advertising and sought the help of E-Commerce Villa to improve their Amazon advertising strategy. E-Commerce Villa specializes in Amazon advertising services, including PPC advertising, product listing optimization, Amazon SEO and driving external traffic to amazon listings. By working with E-Commerce Villa, the brand aimed to increase their sales and improve their brand visibility on Amazon.

The Highlights

Amazon PPC Case Study - Over 12 Million Sales

The highlights of the case study are:

  • Sales in the last 12 months reached an impressive $12,083,532, indicating a significant boost in revenue for the business.
  • The return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 30%, indicating that the ad campaigns were more effective in generating sales and revenue compared to the previous period.
  • The number of impressions also improved by 21%, indicating that the ads were able to reach a larger audience and increase brand exposure.
  • The conversion rate improved by 12%, indicating that the ad campaigns were successful in persuading more potential customers to make a purchase.

Overall, the business was able to achieve its marketing goals by implementing effective ad campaigns, resulting in increased revenue and brand exposure.

Executing the Startegy

The Challenge

The following were the challenges that were associated with this brand at the start:

  • The competition in the market was high, making it challenging to stand out and reach the target audience.
  • The ad campaigns were not generating enough sales, resulting in a low return on ad spend.
  • The conversion rate was low, indicating that potential customers were not being convinced to make a purchase.

The Solution

The Solution for the Challenges

To address the challenges faced by our client, we implemented the following solutions:

  1. Highlighting the unique selling proposition (USP): We conducted a thorough analysis of the market and identified our client’s USP. We then integrated this message into the listing images and A+ content to differentiate our client from the competition and attract the target audience.

  2. Optimizing ad targeting and bidding strategies: We analyzed the existing PPC campaigns and used this information to optimize our client’s PPC Campaigns and bidding strategies. By running the sponsored ads on the most relevant keywords, we increased the chances of generating sales and improving the return on ad spend.

  3. Testing Amazon Product Detail Page: We conducted A/B testing on landing pages images and videos to identify the most effective combinations. We also analyzed the listings SEO with respect to amazon algorithm and improve the week areas to see continuous improvement.

By implementing these solutions, we were able to overcome the challenges faced by our client and achieve the results we were after. 

Next Commitments

Looking ahead, we have identified the following targets for our client’s brand:

  1. Decrease ACOS to increase profitability: While we had a decent start to this year, we are committed to further decreasing the advertising cost of sale (ACOS) to improve the profitability of our client. We will continue to optimize our ad campaigns and targeting strategies to achieve this target.

  2. Identify areas of improvement for sales: We will continue to conduct a comprehensive analysis of our client’s sales performance and identify areas of improvement. This analysis will help us identify the most targeting strategies to increase sales and revenue.

  3. Add more products to expand the brand: To make our client’s brand really big, we will be working on expanding the product portfolio. We will continue to conduct research to identify the most profitable product categories and add new products of the company to expand their brand on amazon and reach a larger audience.

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