Amazon Product Launch Service

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Amazon Product Launch Service

E-Commerce Villa Amazon Product Launch Services are being designed to enable you to build your brand in arguably the world’s best online selling marketplace. We have built our reputation in the amazon product launch services to help our Partners build 6-7 figures sales Brands on Amazon depending upon their relevant Product niche Potential. We provide end-to-end solutions to our partners, Anything from start to finish, we can help you with.

Why E-Commerce Villa Amazon Product Launch Service?


Launching a successful Amazon product can be thrilling and exhausting at the same time. To succeed you need knowledge, time, effort, and intelligence. Our amazon FBA launch service experts are there to cover the exhausting part of your success. We know the do’s and don’t of a successful Product launchs and that is the reason why we are generating results for our Strategic Partners. All you need to do is see your business growing on the best online selling Platform and enjoy Success in many countries worldwide.

Amazon FBA Launch Service (3 Phases)

Amazon Business Plan Stage 1

Preparation Before Amazon Product Launch

In the first phase, we develop a pre-launching strategy for our Partners. For an established brand, looking to expand business operations in new countries, we start by performing a critical analysis of the competitors on the targeted amazon marketplace. This analysis includes the following:

  • Evaluation of demand for your targeted product,
  • The existing competition in your targeted niche,
  • Analysis of established brands and their selling strategies, and
  • The evidence of the success of new sellers.

After the initial review of competitors and market segmentation, It’s time to develop a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis looks at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths are where you excel, and opportunities are there to grab. The goal is to determine the best opportunities for you to grow your business. We develop a comprehensive report for our partners to discuss the finding and the gaps in the market.

We Create a Profitable Amazon FBA Business With


Aamazon is a no doubt a wounderful opportunity to increase your business. However, it has become compptitive. So to become successful we have to focus on branding and proper market research to succeed. This is what we focus on. Amazon FBA Business Plan includes the following: 

Target Market Research: 

Target market size, Total Addressable market (TAM), market research/trends, and How you should go about it.

SWOT analysis: 

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Amazon Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation:

Identification of the groups of people who are most likely to buy your products, and the qualitative factors that may affect their buying decisions.
Amazon Product Positioning Startegy

Positioning Your Brand and product:

Are we shall be following a cost-leadership strategy or product differentiation strategy?

Customer relationships management: 

Strategies to Develop a Lasting Relationship with Customers
Marketing Channels for Amazon Product Launch

Marketing Channels to be Used:

How shall we target our customers: whether to reach them via paid ads on amazon, paid ads on social medial channels, organic rankings, or a combination of the three?
Testing for Amazon Products

Estimates of ‘the cost per Action of any Testing Conducted:

This can include sampling costs, nominal daily PPC for two weeks, and a few more costs.
Amazon Business Marketing Budget

Marketing budget:

How much you can afford to spend on marketing based on your approved budgets and your sales target?

Amazon Listing Creation

We start working on the amazon listing creation. If you already have a listing on the marketplace then we perform a comprehensive audit of your existing listing and account to ensure that the following key areas are covered:

  • Listing content contains the highest opportunity keywords to increase the visibility of your listing.
  • The title, bullets, and description are SEO optimized and effectively persuade customers to purchase from your Brand.
  • Images and Videos are in place on Amazon listings and are fully optimized in a way that they show the value your Brand provides to Your Customers.

Determination of Ideal Price

An ideal price to sell your Products is determined by E-Commerce Villa amazon selling experts considering the following factors:

  • Value your brand offer to your customers;
  • Age of the Listings;
  • Reviews and Ratings;
  • The product demand and relevant niche completion;
  • The images and Video quality;
  • The packaging design of Your Products; and
  • The historic information about your product

For entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a business on Amazon Private Label, we start by hunting a product for them based on their budget, source it, and then launch it in a very controlled way in the product niches on Amazon where there are more than 70% chances of profitable Amazon product Launches.

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Amazon Business Plan - Stage 2

Visibility to the Relevant Customers


Your Amazon Launch Manager Will Increase the Visibility Now

Our Amazon Launch Manager uses the creative amazon marketing strategy to promote the product to the targeted customers that are interested to use the product and give feedback that boosts the product’s organic ranking.

Launching Market Strategy is either aggressive or steady. For partners willing to take a calculated risk to rank quickly and generate as many sales as possible, an aggressive strategy is used, where we are looking to target the high search volume KWs with slightly higher bids to rank quickly. For partners who are looking for a steady approach, phrases with medium competition and search volume are targeted by sponsors’ ads at the start.

Amazon Launch Service that Provides Cost Saving Solution


E-Commerce Villa Amazon Launch Service is a cost-saving solution. Let’s See How? When starting up, many businesses end up investing lots of money into product launches. Contrary to the traditional strategies of PPC that are used by 90% of the sellers, we use Amazon ads and social media marketing in a systematic way to provide a cost-saving solution to our partners. 

Amazon Business Plan - Stage 3

Improve Amazon Conversion Rate

How to Improve Amazon Conversion rate

How to Improve Amazon Conversion Rate?

To organically rank your listing, conversion rate plays a vital role. The Factors which improve amazon’s conversion rate includes:

  • Social Proof i.e Product Rating and customer reviews;
  • Listing images and videos;
  • Listing content persuasiveness; and
  • Amazon A+ Content on your listing.

Our Amazon Launch Service Managers are constantly looking for ways to improve your amazon listing for click-through rates and conversion rates. This saves a lot of unnecessary costs for our partners. 

Our Amazon launch managers use a third-party tool to create and schedule automated Rating & Review requests for optimal Review Collections that adhere to Amazon’s strict policies. Having social proof increases your listing’s confidence, which leads to higher conversions.

Best Amazon Launch Services From Your Strategic Partner

Best- Amazon-Launch-Services.

There’s a lot that goes into launching on the Amazon marketplace and it requires more than keyword research, positive reviews, and product photography. So, it’s a great idea to have a strategic partner like E-Commerce Villa that can provide you with strategic consulting every step of the way

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