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Amazon Store Setup Service to Enhance Your Brand Reach

Setting up a store on amazon increases the visibility of your brand on Amazon. E-Commerce Villa amazon store setup service can assist you in putting up an appealing, distinctive, and user-friendly Amazon store. To take your business to the next level with international growth and brand recognition across the world amazon store plays a pivotal role. We are aware that as an online retailer, you want to connect with a huge global audience.

Amazon Store Setup Service of E-Commerce Villa will:

  • Enable your brand to reach a massive audience.

  • Increases brand awareness and builds customer trust.

  • Help you to organize all your products in one place and gives a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

  • Enable you to promote your brand on social media using the store URL (

Why Setting up a Store on Amazon is Important?

Setting up a store on Amazon gives you the chance to present the value of your brand to a wider audience. However, only a distinctive and tailored design will be able to unlock this potential value. This is where we come in! Our Amazon Store Set Up experts can develop designs for your brand that will provide a top-notch customer experience.

Steps Involved in Setting Up An Amazon Store

Product Listing for Amazon storefront:

A top-notch product listing on your amazon store differs your Seller Account from thousands out there. If you have multiple listings then managing it might be a hard task for you. Don,t worry we are here to help. We can manage a large number of product listings with no hiccups or errors because we are experts in managing Amazon stores. Furthermore, we have a team ready to create a new Amazon storefront and made changes to existing store product details as needed.

Management of Amazon Stores:

Amazon gives customers the option to update and amend their store pages at any moment. We have employed a full-time management service made up of specialists in Amazon shop administration to make the greatest use of this capability. We may regularly and as needed update your product data using the information obtained from product research and competitor monitoring.

Benefits of Having An Amazon Store:

We are a reputable, knowledgeable service provider for Amazon e-commerce. Our strategies for managing and setting up amazon stores have generated profits in the past. Programmers, editors, data entry specialists, SEO specialists, copywriters, quality assurance specialists, and project managers make up our team of experts. And we’re committed to creating a special Amazon store for you so you may develop your business with simplicity.

How to Create Amazon Storefront?

  • Log in to your seller central account.
  • Select the storefront tab
  • Go to manage stores and select your brand name.
  • Click  to create a store

Set up the Homepage

When you start working on the home page, think of it as the entrance to your physical store. Therefore, make sure your store looks good to make the best impression on your customers. If you choose the wrong theme for your store, the appearance will be degraded. Make sure you select the best option for your store. In order to create a store, we have to follow these steps

  1. Use the full brand title
  2. Upload your brand logo
  3. Tell your brand story. Search engines will use this.
  4. You can choose the layout from both options that Amazon provides (like standard and tall).
Amazon Store Set Up

Choose a template of Amazon Store

The main framework for your store is provided by three pre-made templates that you have access to.


Gridiron style provides you with more space for content. You can advertise a number of product lines, put up a lot of pictures, and tell tales about your product.

Featured or Showcase:

An extensive template And the text provide plenty of room for media or visual components. Here, highlight your best-selling items with a video or colossal photograph.

Product Table:

This is the simplest and most straightforward catalog, your catalog can feature various products.

Amazon Store Manager

Page Manager:

Other than the front page, our online store may be expanded to many pages. You have been using the Page Manager to add, pick, move, and delete pages to the store. The hierarchy of the pages in your store is also shown.

Window Preview:

You may see the current page in real time by doing this. In the Tile Manager, you can utilize it to choose a tile and then make changes to it.

Tile Manager:

The current page’s content tiles are listed in the tile manager. To add, edit, move, and delete tiles, use this.

Status bar:

The status bar gives the current moderation status and displays any error notifications. i.e. whether your recent draught for the Amazon store has been submitted, is pending, has been authorized, or has failed.

Publishing and Moderation

You’ve completed designing your shop, and you like what you see in the rough. As much as you might want to submit your draught, keep in mind that it cannot be changed once it has been sent for moderation.

We at E-Commerce Villa provide a wide range of amazon services to enable you to succeed in the amazon marketplaces with millions of customers out there.

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