A Case Study on a Rising Cross-Training Brand

Generated Over $1.49M in Feb 23 as compared to $6M Sales in 2022

The Results

Amazon Marketplace Case Study Results
Amazon Sports and Outdoor Category

Project Overview

This case study examines a relatively new player in the fitness equipment market that has quickly established itself as a go-to brand for cross-training enthusiasts. With innovative products like hammer kettlebells and adjustable weighted vests, this brand is changing the way athletes train, making their workouts more dynamic, challenging, and effective.

The fitness brand sought the expertise of E-Commerce Villa to enhance its sales and conversion rates on Amazon. E-Commerce Villa is well-versed in Amazon advertising services, offering proficiency in PPC advertising, product listing optimization, Amazon SEO, and driving external traffic. The brand faced challenges with high Advertising Cost of Sale (ACOS) due to poor conversion on certain search phrases and needed assistance in resolving listing suspension issues. E-Commerce Villa’s comprehensive approach helped the brand overcome these obstacles and achieve its objectives.

The Highlights

The highlights of the case study are:

  • In February 2023, total sales reached an impressive $1,491,558.61, fueled by $206,714.02 in Sponsored Sales and a 4.37% TACOS, showcasing significant revenue growth in the current year.
  • A notable 37% increase in ROAS underlines the heightened effectiveness of our ad campaigns.
  • A substantial 18% decrease in advertising cost of sales highlights improved search phrase targeting accuracy.
  • The 12% rise in conversion rate signifies enhanced success in persuading potential customers to make purchases.

Executing the Startegy

The Challenge

Initially, the brand faced the following challenges:

  • Several product listings were suspended when the client approached us for assistance.
  • The products were not ranking well organically, limiting visibility and sales potential.
  • Intense competition resulted in higher bidding prices and a significantly elevated ACOS.
  • The uniqueness of the products and the abundance of search phrases made it difficult to identify the most appropriate search terms.
  • There was room for improvement in sales performance.
  • A limited marketing budget presented constraints on advertising efforts.

The Solution

Amazon Marketplace Case Study - Solutions

We are thrilled to share the effective strategies we put into action, resulting in the remarkable outcomes and success we accomplished:

  • Resolving suspended listings: We collaborated with the client to identify and rectify the issues causing the suspensions, ensuring the product listings were reinstated.

  • Improving organic ranking: We employed search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, such as optimizing product titles, descriptions, and images, to enhance the products’ organic ranking and increase visibility.

  • Managing competition and ACOS: We refined our bidding strategies by focusing on long-tail keywords and using smart bidding techniques to counter high competition and reduce the ACOS.

  • Identifying appropriate search phrases: We conducted thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to pinpoint the most relevant and effective search phrases that resonate with the target audience and highlight the products’ unique features.

  • Boosting sales performance: We analyzed customer behavior and preferences to improve targeting, create more engaging content, and offer personalized promotions through Amazon Posts, Amazon Live and Influencer Marketing, that ultimately led to increased sales.

  • Optimizing marketing budget: We allocated resources strategically, prioritizing high-impact channels and tactics while closely monitoring performance to ensure the best possible results within the available budget.

As a result of successfully executing these strategies, we attained exceptional results and created substantial benefits for our customers and stakeholders alike.