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Amazon Appeal Services

It’s never a bad idea to seek advice from a qualified amazon appeal service to draft your amazon appeal, as an ineffective appeal submitted to amazon without proper research may result in significant delays in the reinstatement of your amazon account. However, the good thing is that most of the amazon accounts do get activated provided that a systematic approach is being adopted. 

Amazon Account Suspension Appeal

Amazon Account Suspension Appeal

Amazon Account Suspension Appeal is the only way to reinstate your suspended amazon account or reactivate your removed listing as the case may be. As said earlier, writing an effective amazon appeal is critical to your success. Let’s see what are the critical areas that you as a seller wants to include in your amazon account suspension appeal:

  1. Identification of the Issue;
  2. How the issue is resolved? and
  3. What measures have been taken to prevent such issues in the future?

These three important parts are co-related and equally important to achieving the desired results. If as an amazon seller we are unable to identify the root cause of the issue, obviously, we would not be able to resolve it, and hence the third critical part for successful reinstatement just goes out of the question. So, a lot of care is required to get back on Amazon. That is where our amazon appeal service play their part. That is where our amazon appeal service plays its part. 


Amazon Account Suspension Appeal Do's and Don't

Take Time to Write Appeal

Most of the sellers make this mistake and end up making it difficult for themselves and their agencies to reinstate their accounts. Please take some time to think about how you should go about it and what plan of action can bring fruitful results for you. Even asking for further details is considered a waste of appeal. So, please

  • Do not ask for further details unless you have reviewed your account thoroughly; and
  • Avoid showing your emotions, as these are probably not going to help you 

Find Out the Root Cause 

Finding out the root cause of your is THE most important factor to getting back on Amazon. You may identify the root cause from the following:

  • Customer Reviews & Feedback;
  • Performance Notification (Seller Central); and
  • Your Consultant (who might have inadvertently violated amazon policies) 


Emotional Amazon Appeals do not work

If you are unable to identify the root cause of your account suspension on your own, you are requested to arrange a phone call with the amazon account health representative to identify the reasons.

Customized Appeal Generate More Results

Submit Customized Appeal

Customized appeals are more likely to generate the results, you are looking for. As highlighted in the earlier paragraph, your appeal shall have three parts, the first part shall identify the root cause, the second shall address the action taken to solve the cause of suspension, and the last part/ paragraph of your amazon account suspension appeal shall address the question that what preventive measures are taken to avoid amazon policies violation in the future. Sometimes we may not have violated any amazon policy and still get suspended. In these cases, we give clarifications for the objection raised by amazon against us. Other times we apologize to amazon that it was an honest mistake and not willful neglect. So, it really depends upon your situation. 

Submit Your Appeal as highlighted in the Suspension Notice

The appeal submission process of Amazon has changed, so please submit the process as requested in the appeal notice. Nowadays appeals are submitted through the appeal button under the suspension notice in the performance notifications dropdown menu. However, you are requested to follow the guidelines as requested in the suspension letter received on Amazon.

We are Among the Best Amazon Appeal Service Providers

E-Commerce Villa has built its reputation in writing appeals that work, we are among the best amazon appeal services providers who will guide you through every step to make the reinstatement process easy for you. As we deal with so many cases each day, we understand what arguments can pay dividends in your appeals. We write professionally well-drafted and concise appeals that have greater chances to generate results. We will be coordinating with you throughout this process so that we get the results we are looking for.

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