10 Ways to Drive External Traffic To Your Amazon Listing

Get Cheaper Traffic for Your Amazon Listing


E-Commerce Villa can help you to drive external traffic to your amazon listings to take your business to new heights. The analysts of Amazon have started predicting that Amazon’s PPC revenue will keep rising with time, and sellers will pay the price. Amazon would love your listings to become PPC-dependent. The buyers will love the listing with less PPC dependency, which means that external traffic to amazon listing will become extremely important for your businesses in the future. Amazon PPC is far more expensive than digital marketing for advertisements. So, the sellers should use these advertising means to take a competitive advantage over their competitors. E-Commerce Villa will benefit you to drive external traffic to amazon listing to:

  • Increase your Brand Awareness and Customer Base with marketing on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more.
  • Sell your Product through Influencers, whose audience loves your Brand and Products;
  • Increase your brand value and sales outside amazon as well by creating a website for your own Brand;
  • Boost your sales during special days like Christmas with email marketing; and
  • Really excel in your business by creating effective followers and engagement Strategies. 

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This wonderful podcast covers the answers to the following Key Questions:

1) Why driving external traffic to your amazon listing is going to be more important in 2023 than ever before for the organic ranking of your Amazon listing?

2) How can apparel manufacturers utilize external traffic to increase their sales in the competitive niches on Amazon?

3) Should the external traffic be landed straight on to amazon product detail page or there should be a bridge page?

4) What is the Amazon Attribution Program?

5) Does driving external traffic to amazon listing affect the organic ranking if it is not converting well?

6) What are the attributes of a good bridge page for Amazon?

7) Google ads, Pinterest ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or Snapchat ads, where to start? And

How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon Listing?

There are different ways to drive external traffic to amazon listings and we will be discussing them in detail. But to add real meaning to this topic let,s analyze some actual stats of Amazon USA and see which marketing channels have been used more to drive external traffic to Amazon listings / Brand Stores. In the coming paragraph, you will see that there is a reason why amazon is the third largest search engine in the world and there is a large customer base that starts their product research on amazon. But along with these customers, there is a huge percentage of customers that ends up at Amazon from different marketing channels. 


How much external traffic has been driven to Amazon by amazon sellers in the USA?

According to the stats shown by similar web, Amazon.com received over 2.6B traffic in November 2022, out of which around 26.03% of eyeballs end up to Amazon through search in other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 5.74% through referrals, 4.58% through social media channels, 2.6% through the mail, and 0.33% through display ads. This means that in aggregate 39.28% of customers (Around 1.02B out of 2.6B) did not start their product research through amazon. So, there is a lot of room to play with and be ahead of the competition. We will dig down more into each of these categories and see how as an amazon seller we can utilize these stats to our advantage. 

Sound Amazon SEO is Important to Target the "Search" Category

Though we are discussing driving external traffic to Amazon listing, trust me, this starts from Amazon Listing Optimization. When you do a search on any search engine like Google, Bing, or other such sites, you’re likely to notice that Amazon product results are often the first or within the first few results on the page. This is because Amazon has a ton of domain authority, which no other site can even imagine. 

Google bots are still crawling your Amazon listings like any other website. So the better-written your Amazon listing is, the more Google likes it and hence the more likely that your product listing will appear against the customer search queries. 

Your listing content must be well-formatted, easy to read, and include well-placed keywords to land traffic to your amazon listing. This will enable you to drive traffic to your amazon listings from the “Search” category which contributes to around 26.03% of the customers that land on amazon.

Amazon post is another new feature introduced by Amazon initially in the United States that is used by the sellers to target this “Search” category. This feature allows Brands to share unique lifestyle images and product-related content through a feed that looks similar to other social media channels. If we cut the long thing short this feature allows the Brand to spread brand awareness and hence win more sales for them.

Some advance sellers also use listing promotors for this purpose. They look for customer reviews with the keywords that are most often searched by their customers to buy their products. As a result, their amazon product listings get more external traffic against the relevant customer search phrases on different search engines. 

Therefore Amazon SEO Service is very important.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Traffic Through "Referrals"

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon product listings.

Affiliate Marketing falls in the “Referral” Category. Such type of marketing creates a win-win situation for sellers as well as bloggers, influencers, and online marketers. Affiliates have the power to influence their audience to buy from the links they provide, and they in return get a commission for sales. 

Amazon Affiliate marketing works similarly where Affiliates send visitors directly to your Amazon Product Listing Page/Store, enabling your brand to achieve more sales against some sales commission. Amazon Affiliate marketing enables you to fetch potential clients from places you can never even imagine. 

So, How to do it?

  • Get in touch with the bloggers and influencers who produce content in your amazon product category; 
  • Have a conversation with them about what they can do to help you market your products;

  • Negotiate prices with them; and

  • Finally, execute the strategy with the influencers. 

If your product is of good quality, Your sales are sure to rise. Moreover, Please note that there are some Amazon Participation Requirements that are required to be followed to keep on taking advantage of this program. 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing for Driving External Traffic Through The "Social" Category

For each social media platform, there’s an audience to target. Say, If your brand sells Life Alert products, advertising them on TikTok or Instagram probably won’t work. For products like this, you should rather prefer Facebook ads and google ads. Similarly, if your product is visually interesting, you may prefer to use Pinterest ads because for some brands it has been generating amazing results.

Which Social Media Channel Has Been Used More in the United States in 2022?

According to the stats shared by Similarweb, Among all the social media channels, Youtube is the most used social media channel to drive external traffic to amazon listings with a 60.24% share. Facebook comes next with a 14.82% share. Reddit one of the most famous social media channels in the united states is not left behind either and has earned a share of 10.35% in this race.

Twitter has been preferred over Instagram with a 7% share as compared to 1.44%. In aggregate 81 social media channels are being used. If we exclude the top 5 the remaining 76 social media channels have been used to drive only 6.15% of traffic. Please note that these stats include the advertisement made by Amazon to drive new customers to their marketplace. But still, these stats are very helpful to understand where we can get customers for our business on amazon.

Social Network Distribution for amazon.com

How to Use Youtube for Amazon Advertising?

Believe it or not, stats say that Youtube Amazon Advertising is one of the most effective to drive external traffic to your amazon listings. Youtube is the second-largest search engine in the world with over 33B monthly visitors. This means that there is a huge customer base that we can target. 

What kind of videos you should be making for your Amazon marketing through Youtube?

  • Start by adding the same video as that of your amazon listings.
  • Then, look at what people are searching for regarding your products on Google. 
  • Try to make videos for every single keyword that is relevant to your products.
  • As a Brand, you should share your brand story, tell the people what problem your product solves, and what value your brand provides to society.
  • As an entrepreneur, you can make simple videos at your home as well but these should be of good quality, share features about your products even by yourself. resolve customer confusion about your products.
  • Educate people on how to use your product.
  • Keep the video short as historically these tend to perform better.
  • You can make animated and lifestyle videos according to your product and marketing budget.
  • If possible, add video testimonials, which really helps to increase the confidence of your customers on your brand. 

You may also use youtube influencers to promote your product on youtube. 

How to drive external traffic to an amazon listing through your Youtube Channel?

  • Set up your YouTube channel by logging in with your Gmail account.
  • Customize your YouTube channel by adding a good icon, logo, and channel name.
  • Provide an accurate description and outline of your brand, mission, products, and Amazon store.

  • Use keywords in your channel description in a natural way.
  • Add your email ID, website address, social pages, and phone number.
  • Now, It’s all about SEO on Youtube
  • Please always remember to add amazon listings pages and websites in your videos, So that people can make purchases from you. 


Youtube amazon advertising

Can We Use Amazon Youtube Ads for Marketing?

Yes, Amazon Youtube Ads is another option that can be used but only if you really want to scale at a large level. If we sequence Your Youtube marketing, it would be something like that:

  1. Add vides as stated;
  2. Use influencers that have a relevant audience; and 
  3. Now, use youtube ads.

Youtube Amazon Advertising can be a game-changer for your amazon business. 

How to Use Facebook Ads for Amazon Products?

The whole world is on Facebook today. So, we just cannot ignore this social media channel for driving sales to our amazon business. There are some do,s and don’t of this platform, that one should need to be careful to utilize the maximum potential of this platform.  

Sending traffic directly to Amazon listings is not recommended:

This important point was also discussed in our Podcast as well, where Mr. Arsalan was of the opinion that using a bridge page is recommended because it enables you to

  • Filter the non-serious audience and
  • Track the performance of your Facebook ads. 

Please do not overcomplicate the post:

While skimming posts on Facebook, you might have observed that overcomplicated posts hardly catch your eye. So, the suggestion is not to overfill your posts with so much content. Keep your post simple and clean.

Facebook wants you to diversify Your Content

If you want to increase the reach of your Facebook page, you have to diversify your content, i.e. shares videos, photos, and text. Obviously, this will be good for the audience as well, who might get bored with similar kinds of content. 

External Traffic to Amazon Listing Through Facebook
Driving External Traffic through Facebook ads

How to drive external traffic to an amazon listing through Facebook?

  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Set up Your Facebook ads Account. 
  • Now, create a good landing page on your website

Use fun and clean images to showcase your products on Facebook to attract more customers while using Facebook ads.

How to Use Reddit for Amazon Advertising?

Reddit is one of the most effective ways to drive external traffic to your amazon listings, especially in the United States. This is where there are subreddits that allow you to post ads related to the specific niche you’re focused on. This social media platform has considerable traffic which can be utilized for our benefit.

How to do it?

  • You first have to sign up. You can go to ads.reddit.com to sign up.

  • On the surface, promoted posts in Reddit are the same as Facebook Ads, But instead of targeting users based on “interest” on Facebook, you will use subreddits’ interests on Reddit.

  • While creating campaigns on Reddit, We recommend you set the Campaign Goal as “Conversion Objective” because this objective is perfect for driving external traffic to your amazon listings.
  • When you’ve finished filling in the first few details about your Amazon ad campaign, click next. Create an ads group for subreddits. Follow the following three steps to achieve this: 

  1. Type in the details of your product and target the right audience by choosing the location, your customer interests, and the communities.
  2. Then, set up your ad budget and schedule the ads at the optimal time.
  3. Now, Input your ad title, URL, creatives, and call to action.

Using the landing page to land traffic to your amazon listing is recommended. 

How to use reddit ads for Amazon?
Amazon Advertising Twitter

Amazon Advertising Twitter

Amazon Advertising Twitter is again another medium to drive external traffic to amazon listing. Twitter isn’t just a set-it-and-forget-it type of platform. It requires time and effort to be successful. For Amazon Marketing through Twitter to drive external traffic, You have to post actively on Twitter. You have to be engaging in your niche as well. It’s about keeping up with relevant people, talking to them, and developing visible communication to establish your presence.

Amazon Instagram Marketing

Amazon Instagram Marketing

Most Amazon sellers don’t know Amazon Instagram Marketing can significantly lower their Pay-per-click expenses. Let’s get started on how to do this.

  • If you already have an Amazon Seller Central, you can create a promo code for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other market channels by navigating to Marketing > Advertising > Promotions.
  • Now, it’s all about marketing and driving external traffic to your amazon listings. 


Email Marketing for Amazon External Traffic

Email Marketing for amazon external traffic

Using email marketing lists for amazon’s external traffic is another reliable way to not only communicate with your audience but also sort them by their interests.

Acquiring shopper email addresses is possible in a variety of ways. A common Amazon seller technique is to include a package insert with a “product registration” link. This insert should have a promotional offer for the customer to register their product, such as a special warranty, free gift, or discount code.

The product registration link then takes them to a landing page (attached to your website) where they enter some unique information such as their Amazon order ID number, and the email address that links them to their order. It is recommended to keep the signing form simple to get more emails from your amazon customers. 

Capturing that information helps you build a database of email addresses of customers who are interested in your products and brands.



How to Use Google ads for Amazon Products?

While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are fantastic ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings, you should not ignore google ads for amazon products. In fact, most Big brands use google ads for their amazon business a lot more than other social media channels to drive external traffic. 

How to do it?

  • Connect Google ads to your Amazon product listings using a landing page. There are different tools you can use to create an attractive landing page. 

  • You need to have a Google Ads account to use Google ads for amazon products. Google Ads are categorized into 3 levels i.e. AD, AD Group, and Campaign. 

  • Find a good way to organize your Ad Campaigns.
  • Ideally, break Your AD campaigns into different groups. Each group should have related keywords but not more than 5. 

Keywords research and the customer’s intent on these search phrases are going to be very important for driving valuable external traffic for your business on amazon.

Google ads for amazon products

How can You Compete in Competitive Niches on Amazon?

Well, for competitive niches like apparel and supplements, driving external traffic to your amazon listing is the way to go. You have to build your audience outside of amazon, which will help you to improve your organic ranking on amazon, enabling you to succeed on this wonderful platform. For the new sellers of these niches, the pay-per-click ads are usually very expensive. So, to succeed at least the first 3-5 months, it has been becoming an enforced choice for amazon sellers. 

Should a Bridget Page be used to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing?

Using a Bridge page to drive external traffic to an amazon listing is a very good idea. Because this enables you to filter non-serious traffic. The bridge page also helps in collecting the email list of the competitors, which is a huge asset for your business. 

If the external traffic driven to the amazon listing is not converting, does this negatively affect the ranking of your listing?

Yes, according to the experts, if the external traffic that is landing on your listing is not converting, your ranking may be affected on amazon. But there is a way out of this as well. Use the bridge page as highlighted earlier, This will enable you to eliminate the non-serious traffic.