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As business landscapes continue to tilt towards online markets, the battle for visibility on Amazon has intensified exponentially. For a business to not only survive but also prosper on this platform, a robust, all-inclusive digital marketing approach is non-negotiable. This is where the need for an Amazon agency becomes evident. An entity like E-Commerce Villa, an established Amazon agency, is equipped to deliver the expertise and tools needed to amplify your brand on Amazon and fuel your business’s growth trajectory. Leveraging our rich experience and successful history, we’re equipped to guide you through the labyrinth of Amazon’s complex ecosystem and help you realize your e-commerce ambitions. Collaborating with our Amazon agency might just be the catalyst needed to exploit the untapped potential of your business on Amazon.

Why Partner with an Amazon Agency?

Choosing to collaborate with an Amazon agency can deliver a host of advantages to your enterprise. Here’s why such a partnership can be beneficial:


An Amazon agency has the capability to craft and supervise advertising campaigns that heighten your brand visibility and boost sales. This involves sponsored product advertisements, sponsored brand promotions, and sponsored display ads.

Customer Relations:

An Amazon agency can extend customer service assistance, such as addressing customer queries and settling disputes. This aspect is crucial for fostering positive customer bonds and establishing a resilient brand image on Amazon.


An Amazon agency brings along its extensive experience and proficiency in navigating the Amazon marketplace, thus enabling businesses to overcome the platform’s hurdles and reach their e-commerce objectives.

Why Use Amazon Agency?

Industry Analysis:

An Amazon agency carries out exhaustive market analysis to identify the most suitable products to be marketed on Amazon, profitable market segments, and ideal pricing structures. Such insights are instrumental in formulating a successful Amazon strategy.


An Amazon agency has the know-how to enhance your product listings, thereby amplifying visibility and escalating sales. This involves creating superior images and product descriptions, fine-tuning keywords, and drafting engaging titles and bullet points.

Knowing Your Goals and Objectives is Important

Know your goals for amazon

Before seeking the assistance of an Amazon agency, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of your desired goals and objectives. Goals are the overarching aspirations of an entity, often stated in a narrative form, whereas objectives are specific, measurable targets derived from these goals. When it comes to conducting business through Amazon, the goals tend to be straightforward. Some examples of these goals are provided below:

  • Increase e-commerce sales by selling products to Amazon’s customer base of 300 million customers worldwide.
  • Maximize fulfillment efficiency by utilizing Amazon FBA infrastructure for multi-channel fulfillment.
  • As part of your marketing strategy to enter the physical marketplaces of a specific country. 
  • To sell globally in 28 countries worldwide with ease through amazon’s global selling program
  • Evaluate market potential by introducing products to new countries on a test basis to gauge public response towards the brand.

*Amazon Multi-Channel fulfillment means that if you are selling through amazon, you can utilize the infrastructure of amazon to fulfill your orders from other e-commerce platforms if fulfillment by amazon is cost-effective and feasible for you. In most cases it is. 

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Why Choose E-Commerce Villa as Your Amazon Agency?

Knowledge and Experience of Your Business

Every category on Amazon presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. E-Commerce Villa, as an Amazon agency, has extensive experience across multiple categories on Amazon, providing us with the insights and expertise necessary to help our clients succeed. We design your product listing content, images, and videos with a keen eye for the pain points of your industry’s customers, and our promotional strategies are centered around addressing those needs. This puts you in a position to outcompete your competitors on Amazon and achieve your business goals. In summary, E-Commerce Villa is your one-stop-shop for all your Amazon marketing needs.

Customer Centricity at the Core

At our Amazon agency, we place utmost importance on customer needs. This necessitates a profound comprehension of your customers – their desires, needs, and anticipations. By aligning our methods with your customer engagement strategies, we can devise growth plans that yield optimal results for your customers and your business alike. Our approach is molded according to your budget, ensuring the delivery of the most efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose E-Commerce Villa as Your Amazon Agency

We Focus on Maths

E-Commerce Villa, an Amazon agency, is comprised of Amazon professionals and chartered certified accountants who have previously worked with top firms such as PWC and KPMG. This enhances our clients’ ability to align their marketing budgets with their overall business strategies. In addition, our focus on maintaining profit margins while designing discount strategies and marketing campaigns helps to ensure our valued customers avoid financial losses due to over-ambitious strategies.

Outcome-Oriented Amazon Agency

Our primary objective as an Amazon agency is to produce tangible results. Our commitment lies in aiding our clients in attaining their intended results and amplifying their success on the Amazon platform. Adopting an outcome-oriented approach, we customize our strategies and services to align with the unique needs of each client. This ensures that they can hit their targets and secure success in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

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Best Amazon Agency Focus on Amazon Key Performance Indicators (Amazon KPI)

We as your amazon agency always focus on Amazon’s key performance Indicators to generate success for our valued partners. There are a lot of KPIs that we track based on your product category, business scale and budget but the core matrix on which we always keep an eye are:

Amazon Click-Through Rate (Amazon CTR) KPI:

The Amazon CTR is an important metric to measure for our amazon agency to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads campaigns, their content, and the search phrases driving them. The average CTR=(Total Clicks/Total Impressions) in the USA is 0.41%. However, it varies depending on your product niche, listings age, and reviews. Lower amazon CTR may indicate poor listing or inappropriate targeting of keywords for amazon ads. The factors which can improve your CTR are:

    • Quality of the Main Image
    • The persuasiveness of the Title of Amazon Listing
    • Optimum Price Setting
    • Fulfillment Method (FBA/FBM) 
    • Review Score 
    • Number of Reviews 

Our Amazon Agency continues to optimize your listing quality and amazon ads to achieve the targeted CTR. 

  • Amazon Return Rates:
  • Amazon Late Shipment Rate
  • Amazon Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate 
  • Amazon Valid Tracking Rate
Amazon Click Through Rate
Amazon Ads Conversion Rate KPI

Number of Reviews: Some stats about online reviews may surprise you. According to research conducted by Medill Spiegel Research Center (SRC), People are 270% more likely to buy a product with at least five reviews than they are to buy a product with no reviews. The initial reviews usually increase the conversion rate of 

  • High-Priced Items by 380%; And
  • Low-priced Items by 190%.  

The average sales-to-review rate on amazon is 1% to 2%. However, we aim to achieve a 5% sales-to-review ratio through advanced techniques following amazon guidelines. 

Review Rating: Amazon Reviews rating significantly affects the amazon sales conversion rate. We have experienced around  12%increasee in amazon sales conversion rate when the reviews rating of productsincreasede from 3 to 4.5 stars or above on average. As your amazon agency,y we always keep an eye on customers’ reviews to work on product quality and resolve customers’ misconceptions. 

Amazon Ads Conversion Rate KPI:

Amazon Ad Conversion Rate KPI determines the percentage of clicks on your ad campaign that leads to sales later. It is an important metric that affects your sales & profits. The factors that affect this matrix


Listing Images: About  75% of Online shoppers rely on listing images to make the purchasing decision. So, the use of the correct pictures in the correct sequence can be a Key success factor for your amazon business. Different types of images that are used on amazon are:

  • Lifestyle Images
  • Infographics
  • Product Package Images
  • Product Detail Photos
  • Photo Showing Product Dimensions
  • Before and After Photo

Which type of images will work best for you? Well, it depends on your product niche and your competitors. Don,t worry our amazon agency will analyze this for you and get the job done. 

Listing Videos: Do you know that videos are the future of marketing on amazon? according to the states, 40% of shoppers on amazon watch the videos on amazon listing, and out of which 79% watch the full video and there are 3.5X more chances that the customer will purchase your product if he/she has watched your video. The different types of videos that are used in amazon listings are:

  • Animated Product Video;
  • Lifestyle Product Video; and
  • Unboxing Video. 

Nowadays different video customer reviews are used to take your amazon conversion rate to new heights. We as your amazon agency aim to increase your conversion rate by 10% with attractive videos on your listing. 

Amazon A+ Content and Brand Story: According to Amazon, A+ content helps brands increase a product’s overall sales by 5% on average. Our Amazon Agency targets to achieve a 10% increase in revenue with the addition of attractive Amazon A+ content and a brand story section on your product detailed page. 

Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (Amazon ACOS) KPI: 

The Amazon ACOS KPI is used by almost every amazon agency that is delivering results to their Partner and our amazon agency has no exception. Amazon ACOS metric helps to figure out how much Amazon advertising costs compared to how much money you make from it. This KPI is important to keep track of the performance of your amazon ads campaigns concerning improvement in sponsored sales based on your marketing budget. Amazon advertising cost of sales is calculated by the formula ACOS = (Ad spend / Ad revenue) X 100. The Average ACOS is around 30% but this varies based on your strategies, goals, and the age of the listing. An ideal ACOS is anything under 20%. So, our amazon agency makes efforts to achieve this figure with time. During the initial phase of a product launch as we are not organically ranked on most of the key phrases so the ACOS is normally on the high side but as soon as we start gaining ranking, amazon charges lower bids to our ads campaigns and the ACOS start decreasing with the time. Other factors which we work on to achieve our target ACOS are as follows: 

  • We Target the Right Keywords: 
  • Use persuasive product title;
  • Optimize the page content according to the customer’s queries:
  • Set the perfect Bid amount.  
Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales
Amazon Total Advertising Cost of Sales (Amazon TACOS) KPI


Decrease in ACoS but increase in TACoS meaning: 

This is not an ideal situation. It means that your organic sales decrease in percentage to sponsored sales. This happens rarely. 

* “It is very important to note that with advertising we’re increasing the sales velocity for our products and an increase in sales velocity on amazon is directly proportional to the increase in organic sales. Therefore, if the ultimate goal is to increase the overall sales then you may accept a higher ACOS for a short period of time but as said earlier the TACOS should come to around 10 to 15% in the long run”

We as your amazon agency always keep an eye on the ACOS and TACOS to ensure that your amazon business growth is moving in the right direction. 

Amazon Total Advertising Cost of Sales (Amazon TACOS) KPI

Amazon TACOS is a very important metric to measure for amazon agencies because It gives you a holistic view of how is your brand performing and what is its growth potential in the future. According to the bookish definition, Amazon’s Total Advertising Cost of Sale is a matrix that measures the advertising spend relative to the total revenue generated i.e. Amazon TACoS = (Ad spend / Total revenue) X 100. But in the business world, this matrix helps you develop long-term strategies for your Amazon business growth. 

How to Evaluate Amazon TACoS over time for Your Amazon Business?

Decrease in Amazon TACoS meaning:

This is strong evidence for amazon agencies as well as business owners that the products being advertised are successful and ads spending is moving in the right direction. This shows that your brand awareness is growing and organic sales are improving. In short, your profitability is improving.

Flat TACoS :

Flat TACOS shows that your total sales are increasing in proportion to your increase in ads spend. This matrix is used to evaluate how much sales we can expect from our amazon account if we allocate more advertising budget for our amazon business. 

Increasing in Amazon TACoS:

This shows that you’re investing more in a sponsored ad, but your product organic sales are not increasing at the same rate. Unless you are following an aggressive ad bids strategy*, this is an indication that you need to work on your conversion rate and optimize your PPC campaigns.

Increase in TACoS and ACoS meaning: 

In the initial phase of product launch, ad spending is worth it to improve the organic ranking and sales even if your ACOS and TACOS are slightly high. But in the long run, one has to focus on reducing the TACoS and target to settle around 10 to 15% TACOS for a sustainable business on Amazon.  

Amazon Organic to Sponsored Sales Ratio KPI:

This is another important matrix that our amazon agency takes into account to monitor the growth of your Brand’s products on amazon. If the Organic to sponsored sales is improving over a period of time, it means that your brand is growing on Amazon and you may consider investing more in your business if the other rations are satisfactory. If this is not the case and amazon’s organic to-sponsored sales ratio is decreasing over time then the cause shall be identified. If the underlying ratio is not significantly affected due to some new variations launched for your products its means that some of your products need attention. 

Amazon Organic to Sponsored Sales Ratio KPI:
Percentage of Amazon Sales New to the Brand KPI

Percentage of Amazon Sales New to the Brand KPI

This matrix measures the sales generated from new customers through sponsored ads and is used by amazon agencies to make decisions about future marketing strategies to grow the customer base of your brands on Amazon. When people shop for new products they don’t typically purchase from an established brand. New brands, however, can experience accelerated growth when the shopper becomes a repeat purchaser. We as your amazon agency used this matrix to monitor your marketing strategy of acquiring new customers through amazon ads campaigns according to the allocated budget for acquiring new customers. 

Amazon Inventory Performance Index KPI:

Another important key performance indicator that our amazon agency looks into is the amazon inventory performance index. This Matrix measure how well you are managing the inventory of your brand. The amazon inventory performance index can be assessed in amazon seller central and it has assigned a score range of 0 to 1000. Any score below then 350 indicates that you are having trouble managing your inventory. As your amazon agency and your seller central managing partners, we monitor this matrix to ensure that your products are available for the customers to make purchases from your brands. 

Amazon Inventory Performance Index KPI:

Other Important Amazon KPIs that Your Amazon Agency Shall Look into.

Amazon Late Shipment Rate:

Amazon’s late shipment rate is another performance indicator that amazon agencies have to monitor to comply with amazon policies. We as an amazon agency also deal in Amazon’s Appeal Service and receive a lot of cases where the amazon seller following the FBM model could not maintain the amazon late shipment rate below 4% and as a consequence that their account got deactivated by Amazon. Mathematically it is measured as the number of orders the sellers have shipped later than the expected date in relation to the total number of orders over a period of time. 

Amazon Pre Fullfimment Cancel Rate:

A matrix that if not taken care of may result in account suspension, is the amazon pre-fulfillment cancellation Rate. This KPI as the name suggest is the measure of order cancelled before shipment to the relevant customers in relation to total number of customers. Amazon has a strict policy regarding the amazon pre-fulfillment cancellation rate which requires amazon pre-fullfillment cancellation rate to be less than 2.5%. This rate usually goes high when the amazon sellers especially following FBM model does not have the declared inventory. So to continue selling on amazon your amazon agency shall handle your inventory properly and monitor such matrixes to take corrective measures. 

Order Defect Rate on Amazon KPI:

Amazon Order Defect Rate KPI is a measure that monitors whether you are providing a positive experience to your customer on amazon? Your amazon agency shall be able to track this rate and ensure that it remains under 1% otherwise, amazon would not allow your brand to sell on their platform. The factors which affects the negative order defect rate are

  • Any Negative Feedback including comments & rating;
  • Number of time order was refunded or credit card charge back; or
  • A to C Claims when orders are not satisfactory or delivery is too slow.

Our Amazon Agency ensures the compliance with the amazon order defect rate as follows:

  • We assess and address the customers feedback on priority basis;
  • Ensure that there are no delays in shipping;
  • Fullfillment during holidays are optimized by our agency by using Amazon’s Vocation Mode;
  • Avoid any misleading information in the Product Listing (including images and videos along with the listing content. 
Order Defect Rate on Amazon KPI:

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